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Saturday, October 3 2020
The panagram in the New York Times Spelling Bee this morning was "claimable," which Gretchen eventually found. As you probably would've guessed, I spent the Saturday morning coffee obsessively reading news stories about Donald Trump's case of coronavirus. (After getting up, I'd been singing the line "Hope Hicks doesn't feel good!" to the melody in the Ghostbusters theme song where Ray Parker Jr. sings "Bustin' makes me feel good!") News had broken during our dinner party last night that Trump had been moved to a hospital "out of an abundance of caution" (which one of my Facebook friends had mocked with "out of an abundance of covid"). Reading that Trump was receiving an "experimental cocktail" of antibodies told me his condition must be far worse than his people were letting on, and by the end of the day I began to wonder if he would even survive. A few tweets appeared on Trump's twitter account, but they looked like they were written by someone else. They had too much capitalization and not nearly enough rage.
Normally in a modern wealthy republic like the United States, the news about the president's health is presented in a straightforward way. Sure, details might be elided or distorted for various reasons, but the presentation by officials won't make one immediately think of North Korea. But it was precisely North Korea that came to mind as I read what little was being presented about the president's health. At this point in his administration, there is no reason for anyone, including people who despise him, to hope for anything but his survival. It's looking increasingly like he is headed for massive electoral defeat, and I'd prefer for him to live to see that.

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