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   yams vs. sweet potatoes
Tuesday, October 13 2020
Last night I had a dream in which people were dressing up as elaborate space ships with fancy Transformers-style capabilities for Halloween. I'd been watching a lot of Isaac Arthur YouTube clips last night, which is full of such imagery. I wonder where he gets it all from.
I spent much of the day working out bugs in a tax import for a city in Kentucky where parcels are taxed for their "unmined coal." My boss was by himself in the office and seemed to be losing his mind with frustration at times due to various problems with the import.
I took a nice hot bath after what had been (for me) a fairly hard workday. As I was getting out, Gretchen was just beginning a poetry course she was teaching via Zoom to four students.
Meanwhile Powerful had prepared a kind of pasta carbonara. It was a little heavy on the cream and contained peas (which introduced unwelcome notes of sweet) but otherwise it was very good. He'd also finished his Moroccan stew, which he had to eat all by himself. I didn't like the way it smelled or the fact that it contained sweet potatoes, whereas Gretchen had burned out on Moroccan years ago during an actual trip to Morocco. During dinner the question came up of what was the difference between a sweet potato in a yam. As always, Wikipedia had the most direct, no-bullshit answer: Yams are tubers from a monocot, whereas sweet potatoes are tubers from a member of the dicot morning glory family (which shares the same order with nightshades like tobacco and potatoes). That's about as far apart as two flowering plants can be.

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