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Friday, October 30 2020
Wet snow was falling this morning, though it only managed to stick to vegetation, as the ground temperature was still above freezing (and had yet to freeze since the summer). It was odd to see snow on living tomato plants, though it seemed unlikely those tomato plants had long for this world.
The snow slowly turned to rain, making for another day best spent indoors.
This evening, Powerful was missing some essential ingredient for what he was planning to cook. So instead we sent him out to get us takeout from the Uptown Yum Yum. He ended up getting food from both there and an Uptown Chinese restaurant, and it took him a long time to return. Tonight I actually had something to celebrate; this weekend I would pass the number of days in my current job that I had ever had in any job, including the previous record, the two years and somewhat less than two months I'd worked for Mercy For Animals. I don't exactly love my current job, but it pays about as well as a software developer can expect in the Hudson Valley, I love my boss, and I am playing a role in building something with a potential to be great. But I feel like I'm building it via the game of telephone.

Meanwhile, I've managed to copy the 1TB SSD in a desktop running Windows 10 Professional that I've been using as a development machine and put that copy in an old Core-2-Duo-based laptop given to me recently by Gretchen's parents. This copy of the operating system boots that computer perfectly, with all the hard-won settings in place. It used to be that you couldn't do this with Windows operating systems, something I internalized and then didn't attempt. But since about Windows 7, it seems, copying the operating system from one machine and putting it in another, even one with very different specs, works just fine. I may never have to install Windows from scratch again, which is great, because all their default settings are trash. Yes, Hide extensions for known file types, a boon to hotchick.jpg.exe authors worldwide, is still a default, even in Windows 10.

Snow on the tomatoes this morning.

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