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Thursday, October 29 2020
It rained all day, and at some point it became a mystery how Neville had emptied his bladder, since he never ventured outside. (Ramona, on the other hand, had gone outside briefly.) When Gretchen went down to her basement library to see if maybe he'd resumed using it as a doggy litterbox, she found three piles of dog shit. This was only a couple weeks after she'd managed to clean the carpets down there. The problem was the pet door on the library door, the latch of which has proved unreliable. So this evening I added two screw-eyes, one on the pet door and the other on the larger non-pet door it swings from. With a twisty-tie, I could then make it so no dog of reasonable strength could get into the library to take a shit (or piss). Instead they'd have to go somewhere else. Usually that somewhere else is the basement hallway, whose vinyl floor is very easy to clean.

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