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   satisfying Sunday substance sequence
Sunday, October 4 2020
As should be clear, I like to alter my mental condition with chemical substances, though I prefer to do so in a way that doesn't lead to danger or addiction. Today I managed to find a good chemical regime that made for almost a perfect Sunday. For starters, I decided to go completely without caffeine, as I have done on other recent Sundays. Instead, I started drinking kratom tea in the morning and just kept doing so well into the afternoon. This gave me a mild sense of well-being without ever tilting over to the dysphoria that can quickly follow. In the mid-afternoon, I started consuming alcohol, though I did so at a fairly restrained rate. And then, in the early evening, I ate a recreational quantity of two-year-old marijuana (the kind that does nothing when smoked). That seemed to kick in while I was in the bathtub, which is one of the best places for an edibles-based pot experience to take place. Somehow this sequence of substance kept me from ever once feeling like I needed caffeine. I also managed to get some workplace work done that I'd procrastinated during the week.
Then I climbed into bed and listened to music (the band Hum is a new favorite) while obsessively reading news coverage of Donald Trump's coronavirus hospitalization. By this point, he'd gotten hopped-up on steroids and gone on a joyride in a presidential limousine to wave at well-wishers gathered at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, selfishly subjecting his security detail to completely unnecessary coronavirus exposure. "Selfishly" is always the best adverb to attach to any verb describing Trump's actions.

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