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Wednesday, October 7 2020
This afternoon a fierce wind ripped through the area and it was so strong that I went to the laboratory window to watch the large white pine just north of the house, the one connected to two steel cables to keep it from falling on the house. It flailed about but stayed aloft. Soon thereafter, the wind died away, leaving the yard strewn with freshly-dislodged pinecones.
I needed beer and liquor, so I made a run to the Uptown Hannaford after work. Some of groceries I bought at the Hannaford were beans, and it's been harder to get precisely the beans I want since we began boycotting Goya products.

For dinner, Powerful made a curry stew containing mostly tofu, potatoes, and carrots, and it was delicious. I'm not a big fan of cooked carrots, but if they comprise less than a third of a stew I can eat them.

Tonight was the occasion of the 2020 vice presidential debate, which was held in Salt Lake City after negotiations that led to the erection of a couple plexiglass shields. The Trump Administration (of which Vice President Mike Pence is a part) has so little credibility that he must be assumed to be infectious, given how evasive administration officials have been about when Trump tested positive and who exactly has been exposed to the coronavirus.
As political debates go, the one tonight was relatively dull, though (as others pointed out) Pence was about as untruthful, rude, and flouting of as many of the rules as Trump had during his disastrous debate, though he did it with a calm demeanor and that "constipated half smile" he wears as a mask. Still, Kamala Harris delivered the jabs she needed to deliver. And the a fly landed on Pence's white hair and stayed there for two whole minutes. That was all anybody ended up talking about on social media. (Example: "Pence's only black friend.")

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