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   rainy late October
Monday, October 26 2020
It was a cool, rainy day, and I had to start a fire before noon. The rain also ruined Gretchen's plans to have another socially-distanced gathering at the fire pit. Instead she brought home food from the Garden Café for herself, Powerful, and me to eat at the dining room table. She returned from Woodstock while I was still in the bathtub, which I was using to sooth some lower esophageal discomfort that had migrated into my upper back. Later Gretchen and I managed to watch the rest of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, this time with subtitles. Those subtitles weren't perfect, sometimes saying things like "talking in Kazakh."
I paid less attention to the news than usual this evening, as Trump was finally able to install his third Supreme Court justice, a woman with kooky beliefs from a weird offshoot of Catholicism.

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