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Sunday, October 25 2020
Today I had another Sunday where I drank kratom tea instead of any form of caffeine, and again it seemed to work pretty well for me. I had a sustained feeling of mild euphoria lasting hours, which is better than I've ever experienced from an opiate. Later I drank a couple beers to ease myself back down. In that state, I went across the Farm Road and salvaged some some fallen skeletonized oak, which I brought directly into the house for immediate use. I don't want to start burning through the woodshed firewood supply just yet, even though most of that wood in that thing is nearly two years old.
It had been warm for a long string of days that came to an end yesterday afternoon. Today it was cold enough that I needed to start a fire in the early afternoon.
I've been watching bits and pieces of the new Borat movie (Borat Subsequent Moviefilm) since downloading it on Friday. It's not great, but it's has some funny scenes. Tonight I attempted to watch it with Gretchen, but she decided we needed subtitles (which my copy lacked) in order to make sense of the dialog between Borat and his daughter. As in other Borat movies, Borat was speaking Hebrew as "Kazakh" (and Gretchen has some understanding of Hebrew) though Gretchen couldn't figure out what Borat's daughter was speaking. It was likely Bulgarian, since the actor playing her is from Bulgaria. So I went to find a copy of the movie having subtitles.

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