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Thursday, November 1 2012
Yesterday I'd used Adobe Photoshop to modify a picture I'd found on Facebook yesterday. It featured a picture of a Romney/Ryan 2012 sign with another sign next to it reading "HUSBAND'S SIGN NOT WIFE & SONS." To this, I'd added a line "AND CERTAINLY NOT THE DOG!!" I'd then posted this modification to the Dogs Against Romney page on Facebook, which has over 100,000 subscribers. Today, whoever administers that page posted the photo to the top of the feed, where it soon garnered thousands of likes and and over a thousand shares. As I was using Facebook, I kept getting notifications of new people posting comments about the picture. Most thought it was hilarious, a few identified that it was a Photoshop, and a small number of people used it as an opportunity to post supportive things about Mitt Romney. This was the first time anything I'd ever made had gone viral on Facebook. I'd had things garner similar levels of interest on the old pre-Facebook web, but interest was harder to quantify back in those days. "Hits" aren't worth much compared to a "Like" -- and neither compare to "Share." Still, projecting one's self virally through a single Photoshopped image offers little more than a transient social sugar high; back when I was a minor web celebrity, internet interest was far deeper and more personal.

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