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Monday, November 19 2012
Today I partially-reorganized the wood in the woodshed, removing all the wood from its east side so that I could stack still-somewhat-green wood there, starting from ground-level. After I had it up to about chest-height, I could bury it beneath dry wood I'd temporarily-placed elsewhere. It's a workable system, but it bears noting that those dry pieces restacked on top of the new green pieces have been stacked at least three times in the woodshed. Ideally, pieces are only ever stacked once.
In the afternoon, Gretchen joined me in helping gather up all the split pieces in the yard so I could carefully stack them in the woodshed. Once that was done, she moved on to gathering smaller pieces that might not need to be split from the yard's more distant piles (such as near the garage, where firewood salvaged from the highway tends to accumulate).
I continued to bring large tree segments back from the edge of our uphill neighbor's yard. Two segments remained stuck together in a place where I'd avoided completely chainsawing through the tree because of some wire and other metal that had, years ago, been nailed to and absorbed by the tree. That Siamese piece was too large to bring back, so I split it up, removing as many chunks as I could until I was left with a single Siamese stick containing wire in its middle. I'll probably end up cutting that stick into three pieces to avoid cutting anywhere near the steel embedded within it.

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