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Monday, November 5 2012
The weather had turned cold and sunny, with highs in the 30s. The woodstove had to do real service today to keep the house in a liveable state, though of course the fuel-oil heated zones were now online as well.
Gretchen had been a little bit ill before she'd left for the City on Saturday, and by today she seemed to have a full-bore case of the common cold (or perhaps a moderate case of influenza). Today Ramona's Godfather (or, perhaps more accurately, Dogfather) Rob would be stopping by for a visit. Rob is the one who temporarily adopted Ramona after she appeared in his Brooklyn apartment building before word got to us and we took her to "a nice place Upstate" (no really!). Since the plan had been for us to have lunch together and since Gretchen was sick, we decided I should maybe be the one to prepare food. My specialty is vegan BLTs, but we didn't have vegan bacon or tomatoes. So the first thing I did this morning was drive into Uptown to buy groceries (as well as a small amount of hardware from Herzog's). On the way back home, I took Eleanor on a walk in the cornfield just north of Dutch Reformed Church in Old Hurley. It's a place I've often walked dogs. Today, though, there was a sign saying "Coyoe Traps Set" (I assume they meant "Coyote.") I had a feeling this wasn't true and was an attempt to discourage dog walking. But if it was true, I thought it might be useful to find and unset any traps that were obvious. Neither Eleanor (who, as usual, stuck close) nor I found any such traps.
When Rob arrive, Ramona was free from her corral (as she has been for the past day or so), and she was very happy to see him. He ended up hanging out for a couple hours. I made very complicated sandwiches containg avocado and fried onions and mushrooms as well as other typical vegan BLT ingredients. When he isn't doing his day job as a Photoshop operator for an advertiser, Rob is a stand-up comic. He told us a little about his recent gigs upstate, but it wasn't memorable. Though standup comedy can be funny when one is in its audience, there's very little interesting to say about it outside of that context. (Perhaps that's why nothing was ever actually said about Jerry Seinfeld's career in Seinfeld.)

This evening I drove out to the Red Onion to remove spyware and other performance-destroyers from one of their office computers. I don't do computer housecalls any more, but this was as a favor to Ray, who has been working as a bartender there. The office where I worked was a somewhat shabby place dominated by a rack full of liquor. It took me about ninety minutes to get their Windows XP machine working nicely.

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