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Monday, November 26 2012
There was enough sun today to make conditions comfortable in the greenhouse upstairs, and I took advantage of the conditions to install a proper overhead light (replacing a crude provisional light). The new light was a white translucent square about 12 inches on a side and only occupying about two inches of headroom (which is important given the greenhouse upstairs' low ceiling). Though the actual square is made of plastic and the bulb inside it is one of those old-timey circular non-compact fluorescents, the light looks good and is a nice match for the orange, glossy white, and exposed wood of the interior environment. (Unfortunately, some weeks ago I'd implied to Gretchen that I would maybe like a nice ceiling lamp for Hanukkah, and, unbeknownst to me, she'd been scouting around for one.)
The greenhouse upstairs is a nice place to kick back with a glass of Franzia Refreshing White and some tunes on the MP3 player. I have a box of Refreshing White that I keep chilled on the little roof outside the upstairs' east window.

Tonight was probably our second night of eating a dinner of injera with whatever could be found in the refrigerator (including some old, increasingly-soupy homemade sauerkraut and a butter-bean-and-green-bean wat Gretchen had made yesterday). [REDACTED]

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