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Friday, November 2 2012
Today was the first anniversary of my father's death, and the 89th anniversary of his birth. It was also the 30th anniversary of the day my childhood dog Wilbur (a purebred Black Labrador) died of a stroke on my father's birthday. And it was also the Day of the Dead. It will always be the Day of the Dead on the day that my father and childhood dog died.

I spent most of the day working on the last of the paintings for my KMOCA show, and by five o'clock I was pretty much done, save for a small correction Gretchen suggested that I make of Jessika's nose. It was stressful painting a picture with Gretchen in it, because she hates it when I post unflattering (to her) pictures of her. But when she actually said that I made her look pretty in the painting, I knew that I had somehow done the right thing. You can see the painting (called "Looking for Dragons") progress through ten stages here:

I took the painting to KMOCA and showed up while Michæl and Deborah were hanging the show. Michæl had a fancy device mounted on a tripod that projected a level grid on all surfaces of the room, and he used this grid to position the works. Most were paintings, though there were a few low-relief sculptures that combined stick-and-ball representations of molecules with depictions of creatures such as frogs and weevils. I didn't stay long, and not because Michæl was cranky (which he was, though I couldn't really tell at the time). I used the opportunity of being in town to get yet more odds-and-ends for the greenhouse upstairs (and things related to it). This included a couple of outdoor electrical boxes that will allow me to provide better illumination of the stone stairway leading to it, which can be treacherous at night when one does not have a flashlight.

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