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Tuesday, November 13 2012
There was rain and wind last night and into this morning that brought cooler weather. But it had ceased by late morning, allowing me to do the last major work necessary on the greenhouse interior: the installation of baseboard trim. I had some old trim salvaged from the house (from tearing down the wall separating the two bedrooms that merged to form Gretchen's basement library and also from tearing out the drywall in the basement master guestroom closet), but it was dirty and full of nails. So I had to pull out all the nails, fill all the resulting holes with plastic wood, sand them down, and then repaint them. Given the increasingly cold conditions, neither the plastic wood nor the paint dried very quickly, though eventually the winds picked up and helped with the process. Eventually I was able to install the trim, caulk all the gaps in the joints between them, and make a first stab at painting them yet again. Though entirely cosmetic in function, the baseboard did a lot to unify and complete the look of the interior. I'd finally reached the phase in the project where I had to furnish my complete-but-empty room. At this point I didn't feel in a hurry to do so. As an empty room, as three dimensional blank slate, my mind could project anything into it. It was like the holodeck.

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