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Sunday, November 18 2012
It's looking like the greenhouse upstairs will be the place where Gretchen and I do our weekly (or occasionally more frequent) coffee ritual. This morning we made a whole continental breakfast out of it, with fresh-squeezed orange juice and homemade muffins in addition to the French press of coffee. For awhile we had the windows open, partly because I needed some paint to dry before they could be closed. The main lesson of this particular coffee ritual was the need to have a better way to carry food items to and from the greenhouse. A basket would be ideal. Or, better yet, a Mr.-Roger's-Neighborhood-style railroad system.
I continued my firewood gathering and processing today, eventually littering the entire south end of our yard with split wood. Since the wood in the woodshed is all completely dry (some of it having been in there for as long as three years), it doesn't make sense to pile this new, much moister wood in there, where it would bury the wood more suited to burning. Before I can do that, I will need to reorganize the woodshed. Ideally, a woodshed would allow me to put green wood in on one side and pull out dry wood from the other. Nobody wants to restack already-stacked firewood.

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