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Wednesday, November 14 2012
I managed to lay down an additional coat of glossy white paint on the baseboard in the greenhouse upstairs and, with that, the space was ready to furnish. While I was running around with paint on brushes, it seemed a good time to paint a small 31-inch-wide wall between the entranceway of our house and its living room. This wall tends to feature the most prominent paintings hung in our house, and Gretchen wanted to hang an original work by Susan Siegel there. All paintings look better when not hung in front of a dirty white wall, especially works by Susan Siegel. Indeed, the color we'd picked for this wall (and most of the entranceway) was a shade of cantaloupe-orange frequently found in her paintings. (This was the same color I'd used for the interior of the greenhouse upstairs.) By this point I was getting pretty close to the bottom of the gallon, but there was still enough for this one more little wall.
I'd checked Craigslist multiple times hoping to find a cheap futon (bedbugs not being a concern) with which to furnish the greenhouse upstairs, but nobody ever got back to me on the ones I in which I expressed interest. So Gretchen suggested I use the one that had been in our Gunther bedroom in the basement. A couple months ago we'd dragged the actual futon from that room up to the first floor office and used it to furnish Ramona's corral (with a view to sleeping with her there, something we only went on to do sporadically), and she'd gone on to piss on it twice and poop on it five or six times. Still, it was reasonably clean aside from a couple urine stains (one of which went completely through whatever material a futon consists of). Today I brought the wooden frame up from the basement, disassembled it into pieces small enough to get through a 23 inch door, and cleaned off a surprising amount of light-colored mold. It's amazing what can accumulate on an unscrubbed wooden surface over the course of ten years.

The greenhouse upstairs this evening.

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