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Wednesday, May 2 2012
I put in a solid day of work on a web development project that had, until very recently, been difficult to get my brain into. I can tell when the project just isn't there yet; I'll look at some aspect of it for a minute or two, my eyes will glaze over, and there I'll be on Facebook again reading posts and muttering (and occasionally posting), "Ain't right!"
At some point this afternoon I took a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine and, perhaps for the first time ever, it served as an effective study aid, helping me make great progress on the web project. By the evening I was feeling so satisfied with my progress that I thought I'd earned myself a good stiff drink. Gretchen had gone out for the evening, so I was alone with my booze and the second half of the excellent Frontline miniseries exploring the financial collapse of 2008. One drink led to another and by the time Gretchen returned home, I was drunk enough for her to notice. (She could tell from my peanut gallery performance during Jeopardy that I was impaired.)

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