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   Vegucating Rosendale
Tuesday, May 15 2012
Over the past seven years, our friend Marissa has made a documentary film called Vegucated, a sort of inverse of Supersize Me wherein the protagonists (found via Craig's List) try out life as vegans and see how they like it. We'd seen an early edit of it over a year ago, but now it's out on DVD and Gretchen had arranged for a showing of it at the Rosendale Theatre tonight (held to benefit various animal charities). Marissa would be staying with us, so I had some cleaning to do, some of which I'd begun yesterday. I wouldn't call what I did a cleaning jihad, but it was probably the next best thing. (It involved me cleaning the two basement bathrooms, among other things.)
Since Gretchen was so involved in tonight's showing of the film, she was in Rosendale by 5:00pm. I showed up at 7:00pm, sitting in the audience with Deborah and Kristin (a friend from New Paltz who attended Oberlin with us). Deborah had brought a huge bag of popcorn, which was fun to eat as long as the scenes weren't of animals suffering and dying in a slaughterhouse. There wasn't a whole lot of that in Vegucated, but it was probably enough to put even a non-empathic carnivore a little off his feed. After the film, there was a little Q&A, complete with the usual mix of questioners, some of whom were only into the question-asking thing so as to hear themselves talk.
Later we all reconvened at the Bywater Bistro and ended up sitting out in the back, away from the noise of all the baseball-cap-wearing gentlemen close-talking to spaghetti-strap-sporting women. The Bywater can be a bit douchey by Rosendale standards, but that tendency is hedged by the long and lanky transvestite working the bar.

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