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Thursday, May 17 2012
It was a gorgeous sunny Thursday, part of which I spent at Emergency One on Hurley Avenue in Kingston. Gretchen needed me to perform another computer-related visit at the prison where she is, for the time being, still working, and I hadn't had a tuberculosis test in well over a year. For some reason the prison demands that civilians working in their facilities be tuberculosis-free, something that is the case for 99.99 percent of Americans, but the test is there to catch that pesky 0.01 percent. As I walked into Emergency One, I found myself following a skinny young man and an enormously-fat woman of indeterminate age. It was no surprise to glance over at the fat woman's paperwork and see that she was there because of type II diabetes.
After getting the test (which must fester for 48 hours before being read), I went to Herzog's to get weed whacker string, four sheets of Durock (for a huge composter I want to build), and rawhide bones for the dogs. Before they got their rawhides, though, I treated the dogs to a special outdoor location: Fording Place on the Esopus near Lomontville (41.883772N, 74.11746W). I needed three buckets of sandy gravel to smooth out some low spots in handtruck path I'll be using to bring back firewood harvested earlier this season at our neighbors, the Greenhouses. Fording Place is a dusty road that eventually ends with a road closed sign (no longer are we encouraged to ford the Esopus). Both coming and going, I saw a mix of Mourning Doves and rabbits playing in the road.

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