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Sunday, May 27 2012
I made vegan BLTs for Gretchen's parents this morning before they headed back to Albany to catch their flight to Silver Spring. [REDACTED]

After some work down at the greenhouse fixing little things and making adjustments, it would have been nice to kick back in front of the television and watch some dumb programming. But because of the way television cycles work, Gretchen and I have entered something of a programming desert. So I decided to finally watch the first episode of Game of Thrones, which had been sitting on my hard drive for several weeks. (Which leads to this question: given their familiarity with Bittorrent, is there any reason people less than 35 would actually pay for HBO?)
I'm not into J.R.R Tolkien, Dungeons and Dragons, sorcery, or supernatural plot devices, so my preconceived notions about Game of Thrones had been negative. But Game of Thrones is not your dad's fantasy adventure. It's grittier and messier than that, with more complicated heroes and villains. Game of Thrones takes place in a sort of alternative-reality medival world, and though there is no Christianity, there are the same sorts of overlays of religious traditions that happen in real societies. Refreshingly, characters are also far less inhibited about sex than in any Western society that comes to mind. I'd expected lots more supernatural wizardry, but happily so far it comes across as a fairly naturalistic tale of political intrigue between clans and societies where the fastest form of communication begins with attaching a note to a raven's leg.

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