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Tuesday, May 8 2012
Gretchen threw out her back on Saturday and today she finally got an appointment with her back doctor (whatever the technical name for that profession happens to be). She returned from the doctor with an improved back and directions to kick back and take it easy. She was also told to take more ibuprofen and less hydrocodone, since the former is an anti-inflamatory and the latter just suppresses pain (and induces unjustified feelings of well-being).
Since adding Ramona to our wolf pack, Gretchen has usually been walking the dogs in the evening as well as in the morning. Since she had been told to rest her back, this evening that job fell to me. It had been raining but it let up enough to suggest a walk down the farm road. We made it all the way to the new swimming pool at the end of the farm road, but by then it was raining again and the dogs disappeared; it turned out they'd run back home.
Back at the house, I made burritos but then it turned out that all Gretchen wanted to eat was breakfast cereal.
It had been a somewhat depressing day what with the rain and Gretchen's back problems, and it ended on a depressing note when the vote tally came in from a ballot item in North Carolina placing a ban on gay marriage (and anything remotely like it) in the constitution. Interestingly, the last time North Carolina passed a constitutional amendment regarding marriage, it was one banning interracial marriage. The very idea that a majority can put the civil rights of a minority to a popular vote is abhorrent, but it just keeps happening.

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