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Monday, May 21 2012
It was a rainy day today, which meant that rain was flowing off the greenhouse roof in the opposite direction of how it had flowed for the past three and a half years. With the roof tilted towards the south, the water was now being dumped onto the large south-facing glass panels. The roof hadn't been designed for water to flow this way, and there seemed to be some sort of problem at its north edge that somehow channeled water into the nascent greenhouse second floor. It wasn't bad, but it was enough to make me move water-sensitive power tools around.
To proceed with the greenhouse roof raising, I was going to need to firm up the new north wall so that I could use it as a pivot to lift the roof into its ultimate position.
So this evening, at about the latest possible time, I drove out to Home Depot and bought two enormous hinges, twelve four inch 5/16 inch steel bolts with matching nuts, two four feet sections of half inch black pipe with 45 degree fittings and flanges, as well as eight more two by fours. Meanwhile Gretchen had phoned in an order to La Florentina, an Italian restaurant where we have had good vegan meals in the past. I picked it up on the way home.
We'd had such bad luck with recent meals, including the Chinese food from Kai's Kitchen and Asia Restaurant, but the food from La Florentina did not disappoint. Everything was delicious: the minestrone soup, the salad, the pasta, and particularly the red cabbage calzone (the "Sformato Di Sotai"). It tasted the way food actually tastes in Italy. We kept asking ourselves why we don't eat there all the time.
Down at the greenhouse in the dark, I attached the hinges that will eventually allow me to raise the roof back into the orientation it is used to, though 60 inches higher.

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