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Wednesday, May 9 2012
This morning while I was putting in yet another solid block of billable hours, a big truck climbing Dug Hill Road (probably full of topsoil, as that's the main thing we lack up here) came to a stop near our driveway and I saw the driver get out. At that point Ramona went bounding down the driveway and I had to yell out the window for her to not go into the road. But, come on, a blue collar pedestrian was too juicy of a target for Ramona to obey me. Unlike Eleanor, who confronts novelty with aggression, Ramona's preferred method for confronting the unknown is to rear up and start licking it on the face. While that was happening (and while I continued yelling "No!" and "Ramona come!"), I noticed why the driver had stopped. Sally, possessed by her increasing dotage, had wandered out into the street. There's a sharp curve in the road near our driveway and cars are never going very fast there, so usually they just drive around her when she's there, though once someone actually picked her up as a poor stray and imprisoned her for a few hours at Never Alone, a nearby rehabilitation center for drug-addled youth. Trying to get both Sally and Ramona to retreat down our driveway was too much for this poor would-be do-gooder, and so I yelled, "Just leave them alone, that's all you need to do." To this he replied, "You should put your dogs on a leash or they'll get killed in the road." Then, as he was getting back into his truck, I heard him mutter something about me being an asshole. So there you have it. Following this guy's advise, I'd totally change policy and take a semi-senile 17 year old dog and have her live out the rest of her life at the end of a leash. I think Gretchen agrees with me when I say that if she were to get hit by a car and die quickly that would maybe be a good thing, though I can understand the desire of any particular motorist to not play the role of Grim Reaper.

And then at some point today President Obama finally evolved on the issue of gay marriage. While it's a certainty that he had always believed gay people should be allowed to marry one another, only now did he find it politically possible to admit to those feelings. The inherent fakery of politics, of trying to appeal to so many people who know essentially nothing, is why it's a job best left for people completely unlike any in my social network. And since those others are doing it and often saying maddeningly-stupid things to appeal to maddeningly-stupid people, it makes sense for me (as an informed voter) to settle for the lesser of whatever evils are presented.

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