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Monday, May 7 2012
Today I continued with the same work-related focus I've had for days, and it certainly helped that it was raining most of the day, meaning I couldn't have mowed our yet-to-be-mowed-this-season lawn even if I had wanted to procrastinate. But at this phase of a project, I'm more tempted to procrastinate other things by doing the project than I am to procrastinate the project. The least pleasant work-related task I undertook today was using AOL Instant Messenger to interrogate the lead web developer on my project to find out which things were working and also to figure out how a number of things interrelate. The conversation ended up having something of the stressful quality of a courtroom cross examination, and at times the lead developer could even seem like a hostile witness. I didn't want him to feel like I was judging him, but he kept coming across as semi-apologetic in a sublimated pissed-off way (mind you, this was stuff I was reading between the lines in a text-only dialog), and I could only back-off so much. It ended up being a highly productive conversation, and by the time it was over I felt empowered about the project in a way that had, up until that time, eluded me. It certainly helped to learn that a lot of what I'd been assigned was still impossible to complete because of the unfinished nature of the architecture.
At some point in the day the rain slacked off enough to allow for a token outdoor activity, so I went down to the septic field and cut down a number of small White Pine saplings and added them to the pile of woody refuse directly north of the greenhouse.

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