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   final inch and a half
Thursday, May 24 2012
Today I did a final bit of roof raising down at the greenhouse, raising the north wall an additional inch and a half so I could install a second ceiling plate. This was necessary to put the roof back at an angle similar to the one it had been at. It should also be mentioned that this additional increment of height will make a real difference in the amount of free head clearance I will have in the new space. In general I won't have to worry about bonking my head except for in a foot-wide swath nearest the north wall.
It took a fair amount of work to lift the roof that small additional amount; setting up a jack would have been impractical, so instead I drove an iron wedge between the roof girder and the wall to open up the necessary space. I'd foolishly attempted to restrain the amount of movement of the two relative to one another by using a bar of metal with holes in either end and screws through those holes, but of course this forced the roof to move horizontally over the wall as it rose, putting the whole structure askew and making me another problem to fix. But once I was done, the roof was more or less exactly where it will be into the indefinite future, allowing me to secure it permanently and begin to build out the walls.

In the early evening Gretchen's parents arrived for the weekend after flying into Albany from Chicago. This was their first visit in about a year. As always when entertaining guests at this time of year, we quickly settled into snacks on the east deck, eventually moving inside and away from the mosquitoes. Gretchen made a beany salad for dinner and conversation was mostly about food (as it often is in Gretchen's family), eventually making my eyes glaze over. There was this interesting bit though: Gretchen's parents are now completely vegan.
Later we went upstairs and watched the movie Helvetica just to give Gretchen's parents a taste of one of the guys I now work for (he appears several times in the documentary). I hadn't noticed it in previous viewings, but this time I realized that Helvetica is chock full of padding and would have probably worked better as a half-hour short film.

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