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   garden started, 2012
Friday, May 11 2012
This morning while Gretchen was in the woods with the Ramona and Eleanor, I took advantage of their not being around to go up to Andrea's house with the wheel barrow to get a load of mushroom dirt. (I didn't want Ramona following me on the road, which is something I've allowed Sally and Eleanor to do in the past.) Later when Gretchen went into town for some errand with the dogs, I got a second load as well. Today, you see, was the day I'd picked to start the garden, though I didn't get around to doing until the late afternoon. It involved a fair amount of spading to fluff up some fresh soil and then a lot of stoop work to plant little seedlings, nearly all of which were various members of the genus Brassica. There were also a couple peppers, as well as some volunteer sunflowers and beans seeded from last year's plants that I had to move around.

The garden after today's work. Note that I have yet to mow the lawn yet this year.

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