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Wednesday, May 30 2012
The power came back on at around noon today, the way it normally does these days after a power outage. I spent most of the rest of the day procrastinating other tasks by watching all of the rest of the episodes of Game of Thrones that have been broadcast (and are thus available via Bittorrent). It was a little too easy to drink booze as I watched, so by episode nine of the second season, the one with the glorious sea invasion of King's Landing, I was too drunk to give this excellent episode the attention it deserved.
I should mention another thing I really appreciate about Game of Thrones: the many casual weirdnesses that are depicted and acted matter-of-factly. The standout in this department is the breast-feeding eight-year-old in the fifth episode of season one, which takes place at "the Aerie" shortly before the awesome dwarf character fights a battle by proxy for his own life. I don't know how contemporary producers, what with contemporary who-will-think-of-the-children-? sensibilities, can film a scene like that, but kudus to the producers for pulling it off. Was that a prosthetic breast the little lad was shown suckling at? And how about all the glistening wetness on his face when he was finished?

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