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Sunday, May 6 2012
Today Gretchen drove out to the farm animal sanctuary in Willow to help show some community college students around to the various rescued farm animals. The dogs all got to go too, which was good because today happened to also be the day of the annual Hurley bicycle road race, and Ramona was showing a bit too much interest in the beleaguered cyclists reaching the top of Dug Hill Road after an arduous mile-long climb. Still, her interest was much better-intentioned than, say, Eleanor's. Eleanor is sweet dog, but only to humans, dogs, and cats she knows and trusts. Her behaviors towards everyone else always has an element of hostility in it. (Happily, Eleanor has avoided the road since we trained her with a shock collar last summer.)
While Gretchen was away, I took a recreational dose of pseudoephedrine and continued with the professional web development I'd been doing all this past week. In the upcoming week I'll be going to a meeting in Manhattan, and I realized that I probably should cut my hair before I go. Since my self-inflicted haircuts can be pretty crude, it's always good to give them a little time to grow out before letting strangers see them. So I set up a mirror down at the greenhouse and cut my hair. Usually I just use scissors, but I thought I'd have better results if I trimmed the back part with electric clippers. I have a pair of clipper that I bought four or five years ago, but I've only used them once or twice. Most of the wear and tear they've gotten over the years has been from Ray and his thick strands of Filipino hair. Ray lived with Gretchen and me between February and July of 2010 and, since he usually maintains something close to a shaved head, he used those clippers a lot. So you can imagine my dismay when I went to use those clippers and found that they weren't working. Ray hadn't oiled them and the metal blades had actually seized up, welding themselves together. The weld wasn't a strong one, and I broke it easily, and I was even able to get the clippers working again, though this required some disassembly and (of course) lubricant. As I cut my hair I couldn't help but notice that it was even greyer than the time I'd cut it before. Some of the hair from my last haircut (done in November) was still in evidence amongst the fresh green leaves of spring.

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